Saturday, April 18, 2009

More Online Fun

I've decided to participate in the Online Blogger's Quilt Festival being hosted by Amy over at Park City Girl

This is great because I have no idea if I will ever be able to participate in a live quilt festival. So this is a great way to get started. The only problem is that I am supposed to pick out my favorite quilt! How can a girl do that?! Each one is a labor of love and I learn something new every time I put a new combination of fabrics together in a different pattern.

But one of the most important quilts to me is probably the wall hanging that I made for my Dad last year.


I'm very close to my Dad and I take after him in a lot of ways. He's a math and science genius and I've come by my love of math quite naturally. He's always excited to see applications of mathematics visually, so I searched for a pattern that would represent a little bit of this. I have so many other versions that I want to try out (classic quilting many little time) but ultimately I decided on what is both a classic quilt pattern and a great geometric visual.

This quilt, Cubed, is a combination of variations of the classic tumbling block. I love how the cubes have slices missing from them or seem to be facing a certain way. There is so much motion, yet everything appears suspended.

Cubed detail 1

This was my first time attempting the tumbling block and in classic me fashion I did it in the most difficult way I could find. :) A little tedious, but I honestly loved how challenging the piecing was for this. The whole quilt is made up of pieced hexagons, another great shape to have in the quilt.

Cubed detail 2

This quilt also gave me a chance to practice my free motion and straight line quilting. I used the leaf pattern of the batik as a loose pattern to follow, a technique that I've grown to love.

Cubed detail 3

This quilt is displayed in my father's office at school and I have many people who've told me that they see it every time that they visit him. He had it up and on the wall at school the next day. I hope to someday have a whole collection of little quilts hanging in his office...all math related of course!


  1. Gorgeous! You did a great job.

  2. Perfect for a math wizard! It's beautiful. I'll bet he's proud to have it in his office to show off his daughter's talents too.

  3. It's been said's gorgeous! You must just love this quilt too!

  4. That is a great quilt, and I love that your dad immediately hung it up! what a great gift!

  5. Great idea for a quilt. I would love to make something for my Dad but am often stumped for manly ideas. I am sure it looks stunning in his office.

  6. Love the colours in the quilt, the story behind it (although I'm not a math fan myself! lol); and also love the quilt in your header! So pretty. :)

  7. Very pretty contrast between the tumbling blocks and the background fabric.

  8. I love the variations of the cubes you achieved in this.

  9. Wow what a fabulous quilt. I also like the one on your heading. You did a great job!

  10. Outstanding! Hope your Dad has lots of wall space How wonderful that he can keep you in his thoughts just by looking at this fabulous quilt.
    and thank you so so much for the wonderful comment you left on my blog.
    This quilt festival is the all time BEST!

  11. What a great design and the colors outstanding. I am sure you dad just loves it.

  12. You are so creative for finding a way to marry math with your quilting to make a very special gift for your dad. I like the colors you chose since they are manly enough, but bright.

  13. It is so beautiful and so original.

  14. Very Very Pretty, no wonder you dad displays it so proudly.


  15. Gorgeous Mathematical Quilt - there is an interesting book called Mathematical Quilts by Diana Venters that you might find interesting. It is a teachers instruction book and there are lovely designs in it. My husband also really likes Math and we have been enjoyed looking at possible patterns to create a wall hanging for him. He is really interested in Fibonacci sequences and the Golden Ratio so it has been fun to explore the possibilities.
    Thanks for sharing.

  16. Hi
    It's amazing. I love the 3d effect. I can imagine it's beautifull as a wall hanging

  17. Beautiful. Reminds me of the block portion of those standardized tests.N


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