Thursday, July 29, 2010

one block done

 I finally got to a little sewing. I've been so busy with life...agh...that I haven't been able to sew much yet. But I was able to make one block today. It doesn't look like too much but it's always surprising how much time even a simple block like this takes.

This block is another house for Gretchen who is kicking off Bee Modern Too with more of her houses for her quilt. I went with a wonky house this time but added some little neighbors to the block. I think that she is the drama queen of the neighborhood!

house block for gretchen

A detail of the interesting part!

detail of house block

I'm hoping tomorrow to work on the Japanese bee block. I have the fabric for that and I love to get the bee blocks out of the way as soon as possible. Then I need to get to major work on my swaps that are due at September. I feel bad because I've already got two of the blocks from the 3 x 6 bee and I haven't even started those blocks yet.


  1. I love the drama queen and her hound, colours tone in well. I am starting on the Japanese block today.

  2. don't feel bad! i've already gotten 3 blocks and I haven't started either.

    i like the lady + pet you added...too cute! it gives the block a story instead of it just being a house :)

  3. thanks guys. I think I like how it turned's always hard for me to go wonky! LOL.

  4. Woohoo you got some great bargains! Love your wonky block too, I've ordered some castle peeps and can't wait to make something with it.


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