Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A not so serious post

Thanks to all of you who appreciated my last post. I know I was little less light hearted than I normally am, but unburdening yourself is not always a light hearted venture. I'm more light hearted as a result for's great to have just a couple less commitments and be happy that the groups will still continue well and I've done the best I can to make sure that happens.

But time for a not so serious post! Because, seriously (ha!), I don't want to be serious all the time. I'm starting to feel like I'm misspelling the word you ever do that? You spell the word so many times that all of the sudden it looks wrong? Or you that really a word? serious...serious...serious...

See! Not serious already!

I've been working on a mixture of projects that have been keeping me busy. And inevitably I go into my sewing room intending to work on one thing and end up doing something else! In my efforts to "clean up" one day to work "seriously" on a project that needs some serious work, I ended up deciding to make a scarf out of some fabric that I bought for one project but it turned out not to work.

*I interrupt this post to tell you that my little girl is sitting next to me trying to get to my laptop and waving her hands in the air in celebration of herself. We say "yeah Caitlyn!" a lot around here.*

So, I had this remnant of fabric that I bought for a couple of dollars...some kind of rayon cotton blend. It was 54" long and 20" wide. I went the easy route and did a simple rolled hem on the two long sides and (gasp!) kept the selvages just as they were. Of course...I this wasn't as simple as it sounds because I spent at least an hour going through my feet for my machine to see if it came with a rolled hem foot. I have a mysterious foot that I cannot for the life of me figure out what it is! LOL. Not in the books, not on the websites...nothing!

Anyway, I made this little scarf!

A little scarf I made

Then I woke my husband up from where he was sleeping on the couch and made him take a picture of me. was at least pardon my appearance. ;)

Me in my scarf

These little lightweight scarves have been in style for a while, but I've seen them priced at ridiculous prices upwards of $50! Crazy. I spent about $3 on mine! These are the moments when I love having easy access to a sewing machine and knowing how to use it (other than that whole machine foot thing LOL)

Oh and another totally not serious thing! I went to the most beautiful chocolate boutique the other night. I kept wishing that I had my camera with me because everything was like a piece of art. I swear that the store was created just for me. I loved everything about it! Each piece of chocolate was perfectly made and when you bought even two they put them in this tiny little pink container that looks like a little purse. The gelato and sorbets were scrumptious and the mini personal sized cakes were incredible! I had everyone I was with taste the almond butter cream filling in mine and they all caught their breath afterwards because it was soooo good!

And they had the cutest little onesie that I just could resist. I told you this store was made for me! Oh and some fresh marshmellows...


seriously cute ;)


  1. i LOVE Sucre. they're gonna open one next to Lakeside mall soon. i think it's where Starbucks used to be over by Bravo

  2. I almost said that, but I figured you were the only person who would want to know! LOL. And you already know! I figured that you had been there because it was a couple of doors down from the gelato place where we had our first modern quilt club meeting!

  3. I'm so distracted by the little onesie and marshmallows...

    oh yea... good job! I want to make something like this with the AMH Little Folks.

  4. oh Tracey that's a great idea. I'm too cheap! LOL. I just wanted to use my scrap of fabric. But it would be perfect!


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