Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm Home!

Well we had quite the visit to Indiana...and two very long drives! So we're happy to be home in our more baby proof home (who's going to be one so soon!!!). I arrived home to many fun packages...isn't that the best?! There were a couple of packages of fabric from swaps where I totally got the good end of the deal from some very generous ladies. An ADORABLE mug rug from Sooz who ironically got me as a partner this time after I had her last round. And an order of fabric that I had tried to cancel but paypal was being weird...so whatever. I got some more fabric! LOL.

Of course, I don't have any pictures of anything yet...nor of the things that I worked on while away...or the crazy number of things that I need to accomplish this week. Phew...I'll be grateful when some of these swaps are done! I think that I'm swapped out for a bit. But I still need to do the best job that I can on the remaining ones, so that means that my fingers should really be at the sewing machine and not at the computer. LOL.

I've been busy on Flickr checking up with my groups and tracking down lost blocks in the bees that I run. Remind me to only run one thing at a time in the future. LOL. Good thing that I'm very responsible and have a memory for details. But I hate to bully people...I don't really bully them but I have to be the heavy hitter and lay down the law sometimes. I hate to do that to sweet busy people. But you have to do that sometimes to be fair to everyone.

I did spend part of the day yesterday after we got home (after driving through the night!!!) shopping online for a new camera. I'm excited about that and I'll share that when it comes. I'm hoping it will help me get some better photographs...especially of a quickly moving little one and in lower light.

The clothes are put away and the suitcases are back in the attic. We've picked up the cat and she is currently snuggling away with me practically sleeping on top of my laptop as I type this. We do need to get some food in the house so we have something to eat...but laundry is done and the gifts are put away in new homes.

Ironically the only thing that hasn't been tackled yet is my sewing room. Since I took my machine and some projects with me, I have to get all that put back in place. But it shouldn't take too long and then I should be on my merry way to finishing up projects and getting them in the mail ASAP! I'm ashamed to say that my blocks for Amy for the Pretty in Pink Bee will be a little late and I'm usually one of the first ones done. But I did work on them Amy while I was gone and I know what I'm doing so to speak. So I should be able to finish those. And I think that you'll like them...I hope! They're me...and I think you like me, so you should like them. LOL.

So enough chatter Angela...get to work so you can show the things that you have been working on! It's all so fun! And the things that you have received!! So sorry for another pictureless post...it's not my style. But hey, life happens.


  1. Welcome back! Can't wait to hear about your projects :)

  2. Glad to see you home! A new camera YAY, sounds like you got a good one. I love my Nikon!

    Cant wait to see my blocks, take your time I am in no hurry. :)


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