Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lost in Limbo...or Northern Indiana

Hi all!
I haven't meant to be MIA for so long, but we're out of town for a wedding and Thanksgiving with the families. Gotta show off that grandbaby! LOL. (Who's so stinking cute lately...I'll have to get some good pictures of her to post). Anyway, I'm lost in a world of slow dying computers and no wireless access for me to upload pictures of my current work! I've been going crazy not being able to keep up with you all!

But the good news is that I have actually been getting some sewing done. I was smart this time and brought my sewing machine on the 1000 mile drive so that I could work while I am here too. So far I have made my first dress for the little one. It's so cute, an aqua polka dot coordirouy (I can never spell that correctly!) with little pockets on the side. I just need to add some snaps and I let that at home...

I was also able to finish a blanket and burp cloth set that have been calling my name for a long time that someone asked me to make. So phew! that's done! and now it will no longer sit on the edge of my ironing board mocking me with inability to finish it.

Next I'm going to work on a dress that I started for myself entirely too long ago and would really like to finish because I think that this dress has great possibilities of being that dress you make a 1000 times in different fabrics because it always looks good. I don't have high expectations or anything do I? LOL.

I have plenty of other projects with me if I get a chance, but I wanted to work on things that actually didn't have a particular deadline because I feel that's all I've been doing lately. I needed to sew some things for "fun" or at least not for the flickr swapping and bee world! LOL. As much as I love it, I need to be able to step away for a few days. Ironically I still have my pillow top with me as well as Amy's fabric for the pretty in pink bee...the only bee I haven't finished for the month!

So I just wanted to say hello from Indiana and another time zone. Let you know that I still exist and still sew like crazy! Thank you all for your sweet comments on Alice. Normally I would try to get back to you individually but like I of dying computers. I hope that those of you in the US have a great Thanksgiving and those of you around the world just have a great week. If I have something extremely interesting to share in the meantime, I'll get back on here. But otherwise, you may not hear from me until next week. Agh! So long! How will you exist without me? ;)


  1. Have a nice visit! A little sewing sans the internet can be very refreshing. See you when you get back =)

  2. Hey Ang! So good to see you at the wedding! Here's the "comment" I promised. ;)


    Mary Clare

  3. i knew you could do it Mary Clare! LOL. Thanks! I'm sorry we didn't get to chat longer. But I think that is twice in one year that I have seen you! Watch out or we might start knowing what is going on in each others' lives again! LOL.


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