Thursday, December 30, 2010

Reflections on 2010 - A topic from Sew Mama Sew

Over at Sew Mama Sew they are compiling a collection of interesting opinions about what the year 2010 gave us in sewing and what we might think to see in the new year. I find the different answers fascinating and have decided to participate myself. Just to hear my own opinions. LOL.

Looking back on the sewing scene of 2010, what trends stand out in your mind?

Well I would go along with many and say that I definitely saw hexagons have a huge "comeback".  Whether they were made with traditional English paper piecing, half pieced and machine sewn or appliqued, hexagons were literally everywhere.  Swaps were created around them and it seemed all you had to do was add a hexagon to something for everyone to think it was genius.  The difference in their use though is that people are really thinking outside the box with them.  No longer are hexagons put together to form traditional flower motifs, but rather they have become abstract modern shapes taking on new life as the leaves of trees or the clouds in a sky.

"Embrace the Horror" - Finished DQS9 Quilt (Front)

photo courtesy of Theplaidscottie

I also saw a love of japanese fabrics, linen blends, and the new staple of all modern quilters, solid colored fabrics.  More fabric stores are carrying these fabrics making them easier and easier to access.  Just over a year ago, when I wanted a Japanese fabric my only option was to have it shipped from Japan.  Now I can find that same fabric in dozens of stores (online at least) that distribute from the US.   And each fabric company seems to be coming up with it's own line of solid fabrics in an effort to compete with the huge offering that Robert Kaufman has with the Kona Solids.

Along the same lines, fabric designers have been branching out in their offerings of fabric type.  While home decor prints seemed adventurous for a designer a couple of years ago, they are old hat now.  It's practically expected for a designer to put out a home decor option, but now we see voiles, gauze, velveteens, and other "exotic" fabrics.

I also have noticed a huge jump in the online community.  There are more online sewing bees and swaps than ever and I have participated in more than my fair share.  This raises issues of reliability of "new" people in both sewing experience and dependability.  There are now more distinctions about qualifications for participation in online events or distinct efforts to make projects "beginner friendly".  I personally am delighted in the number of people finding joy in this little corner of the world.

With the large number of inexperienced sewers, eager to try out new fabrics and hop on the quilting wagon, "liberated" quilting has become extremely popular.  It requires little more than a sewing  machine, fabric, and the desire to put them together.  But as new sewers become more entrenched in the world of quilting, skill levels are increasing and slowly precision is starting to make a difference.

What were some of your favorite things? (Trends, fabric collections, patterns, blogs? Whatever you really loved.)

Oh my goodness, what a difficult question.  I suppose one of my favorite things has been the online  community on Flickr.  I have friends literally all over the world and have received and sent packages to all the corners of the earth.  It's been delightful to get to know so many talented sewers.

On the same note, I have joined my local chapter of the Modern Quilt Guild.  We have a delightful time together, sewing, chatting and sharing a general love of all things fabric.

So I guess my favorite thing of the past year has been people!

What was your very favorite fabric collection or print? (If not listed above.)

Again, a difficult question.  I feel like I have a new favorite every other day.  But I have developed a particular affection for Joel Dewberry's Modern Meadow...especially the graphic patterns.

Modern Meadow dots and fields

What was the best thing you made in 2010? (Be sure to share a photo!)

Well I doubt I will get too many disagreements if I say that the best thing I made in 2010 was my doll quilt for the DQS9 on flickr.  There was a lot of emotion that went into it, plus a great enjoyment of the fabrics I was able to use in it.  I have blogged at length about this, so if you are interested in more, you can check here

Where Bluebirds Fly 2

What is one of the best things you saw that was made by someone else?

Again, so many wonderful things.  And truly I mean that.  I've seem some simply amazing works of art this year.  But one that I think is completely original and clever, yet very accessible is Lynne's Penguin Books Quilt.

Block 1 for my sister's Penguin Books quilt

Penguin books quilt top nearly done - but how should I quilt it?

photos courtesy of Lilys Quilts

What do you think 2011 has in store? (Again, trends, fabric, patterns, etc.)

Well I hope that we will continue to see new break out fabric designers getting a chance to show off their talent.  There is definitely a play with fantasy right now in the fabric world and think that will only increase.  There will continue to be lots of lovely purples and fabrics very saturated in color.

I think that the quilting world is ready to tackle new shapes and explore their challenges and options as so many have done with the hexagon.  And I think that the hexagon will continue to be explored.  Also circles will be more and more common in quilting as new techniques and cutting tools become more and more available.

Anything you’re ready for the sewing world to get over?

Well I think that everyone needs to be free to explore the techniques they haven't tried or the theme that they haven't used.  But personally...I'm kind of over house blocks.  I'll probably eat my words and make my own house quilt ;).  Just watch.   I'd also like to see some more original animal life take a hold in the fabric industry.  Birds have been pretty well done at this point.  But once again, next thing you know, I'll be buying a fabric with birds on it.  I know I'll certainly be using them because I have a number in my stash!

What’s on your sewing agenda for 2011? What are you excited about? What would you like to learn more about?

My sewing agenda for 2011 includes finishing a number of quilts that were started in 2010 and finishing up a large number of quilting bees I am a part of.  I'm also trying to redo my sewing room to be as useful and organized as possible so that I can maximize my creative energy. :)   I want to learn more about creating my own patterns and graphic designs.


Phew!  If you made it through all of that, congratulations!   That was a mouthful.  My disclaimer of course is that all of the above are completely my own opinions and thoughts.  Blame me or praise me, but know that I am just one voice among many.

Fabric Diet

Say it with me. "Fabric Diet."

In reorganizing my sewing room (I'll have pictures soon!) I found myself being pretty honest about the fabric that I have. I used to be a person who religiously did not buy any fabric other than what the pattern I had picked out required. I wanted no extra fabric just laying around waiting to be used. I laugh at that person now. I didn't know what I was missing. Although I also don't think that there were so many lovely fabrics then like there are now. But I digress.

I have a lot of fabric. There I've said it. Admitting is the first step towards acceptance, right? My name is Angela and I have a lot of fabric.

Now, don't get me wrong...I'm not ashamed of my fabric or my collection. I have some gorgeous pieces and some hard to find fabrics, but I also have some things that I don't really think I need. (You know, because I need all of the rest of it!) It's time to purge or swap things away and finally finish up all those quilts.

So I'm setting a goal for the new year. I'd like to try to go 2 months without buying any fabric. See, I'm not being overly ambitious. I know that my desire for pretty things and a fabulous deal will get to me. But I think by not buying any more fabric for 2 months I will be able to work on the projects that I have started and finish them. Which I personally find to be a great way to start off the year.

Now here's my challenge to you all. Do you find yourself in the same predicament? More fabric than you know what to with and not enough finished projects? Well come join me and we'll help keep each other accountable. I think we can check in each week and console each other over the fabric that we wanted to buy but didn't... or even admit that we did buy something (we're all friends, it's okay if you cheat LOL). And just because I like to have a good time even while denying myself something, I think we should make a bit of a contest out of this.

Every week there will be a check in post where you can comment on your success with restraint. We'll do that for 8 weeks. For each successful week you have, you get an entry. An entry for what you ask? Well for fabric of course! There will be a delightful prize or prizes of fabric at the end of this challenge. After all, we're not saints. We should reward ourselves for a job well done. And you know that I've got some good fabric...I'm always showing you...and just think of what I haven't shown you. LOL.

So, what do you think? Would you like to join me? You can join at any time and tell your friends. I realize that not everyone needs a fabric diet, but I have a feeling that there might be enough of us out there who could use a couple months of not buying fabric. ;) Just so the rules are clear, batting is not go buy it to finish up those quilts! Swapping fabric is not buying fabric. In fact, it's a great way to get some fabric that you want and move along pieces that you are finished with. Also, selling fabric is clearly not buying fabric (just in case anyone was confused about that. LOL) And if you need to buy fabric for a project, that's obviously fine, but you just won't get an entry for that week. So plan your necessary purchases wisely for the most possible entries.

I was going to do a little quilt along with you all with a lovely set of fabrics that I know many of you are thrilled over, but we'll wait to do that until after our fabric diet is over...and then you can guilt free purchase what you need to make the quilt. I'll be sharing more about that in the future! I think that you'll like it!

So we'll start this on January first...just because that will be easier for me to keep track of (and so you all can rush out and buy fabric right before your diet...admit it, you know you will!). Then we will check in here every week...same bat time, same bat channel.

Fabric Diet Challenge

To get a blog button to help remind yourself of your goals and accomplishments, check out this smaller version of the above logo HERE.  Let me know if you have any settings are probably set for Flickr users only to grab the html code, but you can always copy the image and save it to your own computer and then upload it. (How many people did I lose? LOL)

I really hope that you will all help me stay accountable!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010 - The Year

I was thinking about doing this post in a few days, but I really feel as though quilting wise that my year has finished. Any work that will be done at this point counts towards next year because I'm not starting and finishing anything in these next few days...especially not with my very sick little one who is so miserable right now. :(

But I created a few mosaics a few days ago to reflect on just some of the things that have been made this past year...and really most of it in the past 6 months. Sometimes when you feel like life is passing you by or that you haven't done enough with your time, it is helpful to get a little perspective on what you have truly accomplished. I encourage you all to make a mosaic of some kind...your favorite pieces you've made or received, the projects that you've begun and need to finish, the bee blocks that you've made, the dresses you've sewn, the potholders, mug rugs and other kitchen accessories... Whatever! Make a mosaic of things that you are proud of and let you see what you've done and perhaps what you would like to do in the future. (Sounds like a good 2011 new years day blog post...what I want to make in the next year!)

My mosaics include a sampling of what I've been working on this year. There are other things that I will show you sometime in the future, but for now enjoy these!

First off, a mosaic of some of my favorite bee blocks that I've made this year. Yes, I went a bit insane when I started this year and signed up for a lot of bees. So I have a lot of blocks to choose from. LOL. So if the block I made for you is not on here, it's just because the mosaic was already ridiculously large and your block may have been very similar to another one ( a lot of people wanted house blocks and nine patch variations!) One advantage of being in this many bees is that you certainly see what the trends are and you see what the really original ideas are. Both are interesting and exciting to take part of.

Some of the Bee Blocks I've Made - 2010

I was and am in a number of different themed can see all of those on my sidebar. So if it seems like there are a lot of pink and red blocks...well, there are! I'll admit that my favorite bees are the ones where people only ask for one block and give you a bit of a challenge. It stretches me but doesn't overwhelm me because I only have to make the one block. (hint hint to all those out there in bees! You will probably get a better block if you only ask for one. Not universally true which I can unfortunately attest to, but it is often the case.) I definitely have my favorite blocks among those? Do you?

I also thought that it would be interesting to see the different items that I've received from the swaps I've been in. That is something that I had never done before the doll quilt swap this summer, so I think that I've done pretty well with all of my loot! LOL. and I didn't even include the fabulous fabrics that were part of all of these packages. The fabric - a -holic in me delights in those as well.

I've done a number of mini quilt swaps, some mug rug swaps and modern swappers..pillows, etc. I'm cutting down in the next year on the number of swaps in 2011 in order to finish up some bees and then I hope to be back in the swapping game. Although of course there are a couple that I can't give up. ;)

Some of the Beautiful Items I've Received! - 2010

And finally, here are just some of things that I've made this year...and again really just in the last six months. LOL. I'm very proud of these items and hopefully the owners are pleased to have them. It was noted on flickr that I actually don't own a single one of these items. They were all made for other people. So it's a good thing that I took lots of pictures. These are pretty much the same swaps as the list above where I received so many wonderful things. My only sadness is that there are not nearly enough finished large quilts. Many have been started but few were finished. So hopefully you will be seeing many completed quilts in the near future. I need to start knocking those out of the park. And yes, I think most of those are all for other people too. Maybe one is for us. LOL. But for now, this is a lot of what I've made. Again, I have my you?

Some things I've made - 2010

Let me know if you all make mosaics of your own! I would love to see them. It's so interesting to see what we gravitate towards. (I notice that I used a lot of blue and green in my pieces which doesn't surprise me because I have a disproportionately large amount of these colors in my stash! u and not nearly enough purple!)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Back to work! LOL

Well I hope that everyone has had a lovely holidays and is still enjoying them. We stayed at our own home this year for Christmas to do presents with Caitlyn and be as laid back as possible (which given the personality types in this house can be difficult sometimes. LOL) We didn't have a bunch of gifts because we had decided to be pretty minimal. We recently bought a new tv...yes we have entered the world of flat screen televisions and it only took us 8 years to do it! And that was definitely a gift to ourselves (yay for credit card points!). And we also decided to buy a new camera which I am still trying to figure out, but which will hopefully help me take better pictures all around. So, with those bigger items, it was time for simple gifts like books, cds and dvds. Although my husband did surprise me with a popcorn popper (I LOVE popcorn!) to replace the one he bought me when we were engaged. It desperately needed replacing. ;) Ironically I did not give a single handmade gift this year. I was supposed to finish a quilt for my niece, but that just didn't happen with all the other projects going on. But now it's right there at the top of the list!

My sweet husband is currently building me a couple of design walls for the sewing room. I'm still trying to get that in working order. I'm not completely happy with how the fabric is being stored right now and I think I would like to try one of the systems where you make mini bolts of fabric from your stash. I'll have to see what kind of space that needs. But it certainly seems like fabric would be more accessible. But that's for another day.

Yesterday I am happy to say, that after returning my guest room back to my sewing room, I was able to finish my 3 x 6 blocks. Since they were supposed to be done on the 15th, its nice to have them all finished and be able to mail out the last three. It is a tricky pattern to be sure, but I was surprised at how my speed was able to increase with each new block I made. I think I've made this block about 10 times now and each time I learn something new. LOL.

so without further ado, here are the last three blocks!

3 x 6 Bee Beehive 16 - 4th Quarter

3 x 6 Bee Beehive 16 - 4th Quarter

3 x 6 Bee Beehive 16 - 4th Quarter

3 x 6 Bee Beehive 16 - 4th Quarter

3 x 6 Bee Beehive 16 - 4th Quarter

3 x 6 Bee Beehive 16 - 4th Quarter

So, all in all, the 6 that I made for the 3 x 6 Bee are these:

My blocks for the 3 x 6 Bee - Beehive 16 - 4th Quarter

I'm officially done with all of my commitments for the year. I feel like I have a huge to do list already for the next year though. Hopefully that will all go smoothly and I will not feel overwhelmed. Ha! But I honestly think that the design walls will help keep a project organized and also help motivate me to complete it! Unfinished quilts from 2010 here I come!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010

An unexpected surprise

So if you've followed my blog or ever look over at the side bar, you may know that the Paula Deen show asked me to make dishtowels for them a while back. Due to shooting the show and then post production, I don't think that the actual episodes have aired with my dishtowels in them. LOL. But I need to check on that again. I think that I sent them about 4 different sets of 8....I can't remember anymore! It was when I was so sick with my pregnancy that I couldn't even look at certain fabrics and I hadn't sewn for four months. But they needed them for the show and so I rallied to get them made.

Anyway.... it was very cool when the woman who is my contact with the show sent me the pictures of Paula wearing my dishtowels (don't worry she was wearing clothes as well. LOL). Remember these?

Paula Deen loves my dishtowels!

Paula Deen with my dishtowels

Pretty fun, right? Well then she told me that they had used one of the dishtowels on their website...that's the photo in my sidebar. Again, super cool.

So...the other day I was shopping at Borders (a book store here in the US) and looking for a new calendar. I saw Paula Deen's calendar for her Best Dishes show (she has a lot of different shows) and that is the one that my dishtowels are supposed to be on. So I picked it up just to see what the calendar was like. And guess what?

Yep...that very picture that they used for the website, they also used for the calendar. I believe it's for the month of October. Something that I made is in Paula Deen's calendar!!! It cracked me up because this time they didn't tell me. I still need to contact them and thank them. And I could so easily have missed that if I hadn't just happened by.

So of course I had to buy the calendar! How could I not?! But I haven't opened it up from the plastic wrap yet. I don't know if I want to. I could see my picture from the back of the calendar with the mini shots they give you of the months.

Mine is in the bottom left hand corner. But I did kind of want to see it larger...and so the power of google comes in. Here is a video of a man going through all the pages of the calendar. He sadly does not spend too much time on my page, but it was still pretty cool.

It's pretty fun when you walk into a bookstore and see a picture of something that you have made. ;)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Despite a bit of a brain meltdown while trying to work on my 3 x 6 Bee Blocks (that's what doing complicated blocks at night will do to you!), I was finally able to get some of them complete. Not all of course...that would be miraculous. But I'm half way done. Woohoo! I need to send them in the mail which is really easy because you can just pop these in a regular envelope and set them out for the postman. Our mail came early today or I would have gotten them out. LOL.

Some of you might remember when I was working on this pattern before. It's one of my own and I'm not currently sharing. ;) I would like to do my own tutorial for a set in pieced circle because I think that it's interesting to see what works for someone. I looked at a lot of different tutorials over the past few years for the best way to put circles into a quilt and right now this is a definitely a favorite. So, promises promises...but I do hope to get a tutorial up for you all soon. I took the photos and everything, but of course now I want to tweak it and I think that I need to redo all those. LOL. Can we say perfectionist? No really, I just want to be as clear as possible and as helpful as it needs a little work before I set out to explain the method to my madness. But enough chatter...what are these blocks that I'm rambling on about? Well...they are these. ;)

3 x 6 Bee - Beehive 16 4th Quarter

3 x 6 Bee - Beehive 16 4th Quarter

3 x 6 Bee - Beehive 16 4th Quarter

3 x 6 Bee - Beehive 16 4th Quarter

3 x 6 Bee - Beehive 16 4th Quarter

3 x 6 Bee - Beehive 16 4th Quarter

Do you like them? The piecing of the interior circle with the twelve matching points is pretty d*!m difficult. And that of course is why I have made so many (I also made one for me and a few others...). I needed to perfect it for a super secret sewing mysterious. LOL. But that part is not necessary to learn how to piece a circle inside a square, which is really what I want to share with you all. So remind me to get that done!

Three more of these babies to go. Hopefully they'll be considered worth the wait.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Pillow Talk Swap 4 Complete!

Well at least it's complete on my end! I've mailed off my pillow to my partner (though it may take a bit to get there) and I received the most beautiful pillow from Tacha/Hanies from Germany!

Here the two are:
My pillow I sent is on the left and the pillow I received is on the right.

Pillow Talk Swap 4 - Sent and received

Oh I'm so lucky! I've had the best partners recently! Woohoo! Tacha worked hard to make something that I would love, but really all she had to do was make anything. Because I always love whatever she makes!

It actually matches our sofa perfectly...though I think I may keep it in my sewing room for a while to protect it! LOL.

Pillow Talk Swap 4 - Received from Tacha!!!

She did the most lovely quilting and designed the pillow to imitate an argyle pattern that I loved. She's oh so clever!

Pillow Talk swap 4 - received from Tacha!!!

I love the diamond pattern and the mitered corners on the little squares. And the solids! Oh it's just so lovely!

Pillow Talk Swap 4 - Received from Tacha!!

I received it a while back but it's 20" square and I didn't have a pillow form that size. I've been attempting to buy one for a while now, but was finally able to zip in Joann's right before they closed, use a 40% off coupon plus my 10% discount card...and tada! I have a beautiful new pillow all the way from a dear friend in Germany! This is why I love swapping. I have a wonderful creation from a women I met in my very first bee and have continued to be in the same bees and swaps together... I love it when I actually start recognizing international addresses! How cool is that? LOL.

Pillow Talk Swap - Received from Tacha!!!

In other sewing news, I'm now officially officially late on my 3 x 6 Bee blocks. My husband is trying to convince me to do a simpler pattern for everyone because the one I chose is ridiculously hard. But now i feel like I have to do know, just to show that I can. I will not be defeated by a pattern. Even if I do have to make it six times! So hopefully I will have those to share with you soon.

I've been busy reorganizing my sewing room and once I feel like it's in a place that I'm content with I'll do the "big" reveal. I mean it's really just a room full of shelving and fabric....but I feel confident that you all will appreciate that like others could not. ;)

Christmas has been keeping me busy as well with parties and decorations and slide shows that I'm responsible for...but hopefully I can get some good old fashioned quilting time in! I think Christmas will be pretty low key and I'm definitely happy about that. We need the rest around here! And I need some more sewing time!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Quilting is Murder.

That's quite the ominous title isn't it? ;) Well don't despair. It is not my sentiment but rather the name of a new site featuring a murder mystery based around quilting. I don't know about you but I always love a good mystery! I blame all the Nancy Drew novels I read as a child and my tendency toward logic.

They have a lot of fun sponsors and opportunities to win well as solve the mystery. It looks like great fun to me! And if it's not, well, then we'll move onto other things. But I thought maybe some of you are quilting mystery fabric lovers like I am. So I'm going to give it a try. I've signed up to be a detective! I already feel more important. LOL. It begins mysteriously on 1/1/11....oooohhhh.....clever!

You can find out more information about it here : Quilting is Murder

I just thought that some of you would like to check it out with me. You know...because none of us have enough to do. ;)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Reopening of Etsy Shop!

I've briefly reopened my Etsy shop with two baby quilts on sale...Plus if you use the coupon code cuttopieces15 you will receive 15% off the list price! Feel free to share with anyone! The link to my shop is in my sidebar.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pillow Talk swap!

Well I'm officially done on my end for the pillow talk swap. And I must say that it was quite the success on the receiving end for me. I received a gorgeous pillow cover from Tacha a few days ago all the way from Germany, but I don't have a pillow form for the size she made yet. So I haven't taken any pictures of it. Agh! But I adore it and love it and will share her creative genius with you all another day...after I get to a store that sells pillow forms in the right size.

I'm particularly happy that I finished my own pillow and managed to make it to the quite busy post office (what's going on...a holiday or something? LOL). So it is off on its merry way to its new owner. I hope that person loves it the way I do...because I think I started making it a little bit for me. I didn't mean to, but I realized that it matched a quilt of mine perfectly. Pictures to follow. ;)

So if you like a pleated combination of aqua solids with linen, quilting, some french inspired fabrics, a little joel dewberry and covered buttons....well then, I guess you'll like this pillow.

Pillow Swap Outside

As is par for the course with me, I attempted techniques that I don't do all the time: piping and buttons. I've done them both before a number of times over 20 or so years of sewing (I started young!), but they are not things that I do on a regular basis. I was terrified of the's just one of those things that can make me quiver. But I pulled through respectably this time. I did some more research and that helped I think. But also just going slowly and knowing my previous frustrations helped a lot.

Pillow Swap detail

I also did a button flap closure for the back of the pillow. I made the back out of linen and covered the buttons in the same Joel Dewberry Fabric (one of my all time faves!). I love the simplicity and balance that it has. Thankfully before I cut the fabric out I realized that I had already made an error in my calculations. I had allowed for seam allowance around the edge and for the double turned edge on each side...but I didn't account for the fact that the two pieces need to not just meet but overlap! But God smiled on me and I quickly realized that I had not correctly figured out that dimension.

Pillow Swap Back

I also have never done pleating there are plenty of errors in that, but I think that the turn of the pattern helps disguise that as well as the change in fabric colors. See...when you plan ahead for the possibility of mistakes, it can really help! ;) The pleating is all done by hand and eventually just by eye balling it for the most part.

Pillow Swap Side

And here it is with a quilt that I made a few years ago. I obviously gravitate towards the same colors. What can I say? Blue makes me happy. You should see my fabric is definitely heavily weighted in that area. LOL.

Pillow Swap Front

So, now I just need to finish my 3 x 6 Bee blocks (which I believe are officially late, but I think they'll forgive me for the block). I have all the fabric cut out, one completely done, two close to finished and three totally unsewn. So it will probably take a couple of days to get that all together. Oh yeah...and my sewing room is a complete disaster because we're in the process of completely reorganizing it. I'm currently sewing on the dining room table because that is where I needed to put the machine while we were working on the room. But I think that the sewing room (or as I read I should call it, quilting studio) will be infinitely more accessible and pleasing. I definitely create better in a peaceful place...but more on that later. For now, I'm just happy to be finished with a pillow!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

And the very lucky winner is....!!!!

That is: kritta22

Congratulations!!! And it looks from her blog that her husband shares the same birthday as my little that's pretty cool too!

But naughty didn't tell me which bundle you want. Come on time we do this you need to remember to tell me which bundle you would like. ;) (hint. hint.)

Thank you to everyone who entered! We reached an amazing 499 entries! Yay for you all! You're making me feel popular (even though I know you all just have a fabric obsession like I do!).

Just for the curious, we were very low key for Caitlyn's birthday. First, we were horrible parents and actually took her to get her vaccinations on the morning of her birthday. (I know. I know...but the doctor had a first morning appointment on that day and I only called a week before!) So poor baby got 4 shots. But then we were nice (if not cheap parents LOL) and took her to the mall where the kiddos can actually ride a little train this time of year around a huge miniature train set up. It's pretty cool. We thought she was a little young to ride by herself, so I got in the train with her (note: with one hip in at a time! this train is built for Toddlers!). She definitely enjoyed that! The rest of the day was pretty busy because we had a friend come into town and was staying with us, but we managed to get away the next day and take her on her very first trip to the zoo! They have a petting zoo area and discovery zone, so she got to pet a baby alligator, a porcupine, and lots of sheep and goats. She definitely enjoyed that!!! I must confess that I was quite popular amongst the goats myself. Who knew? LOL.

I have a one year old!!! I can't believe it! Woohoo!


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