Friday, January 14, 2011

A fabulous giveaway...specifically for people on a fabric diet! LOL.

Check out this amazingly generous giveaway over at the blog Lucy & Norman!

You could win all of this!


  1. Pick someone who will be honest with you. For me, that is my mother. Here's how it goes. I see fabric online and want it - so I call to my mother to "come see this awesome fabric". I talk about buying it. THEN she says something about herself such as: "I have enough fabric to make quilts with until after I die." This stops me in my tracks. Sometimes I'm slow to catch her jokes. Then I laugh until tears stream out of my eyes. By then, the buying urge has passed. Sometimes you just need a FA buddy (fabriholics anonymous) to keep on the straight and narrow. That is my hint.

  2. I've been good again this week I haven't got any fabric. Hint... I think now I tend to run through in my head all the fabric I've got and all the projects I have in mind for it and then compare that to my lack of time! I'm also learning not to show my family fabric and say do you like this? They inevitably always think it is pretty (who wouldn't!?) yet it comes out of my pennies LOL!

  3. I am not good. I did buy fabric at the thrift store... but how could I leave Underwater sisters there? But I did not buy anything at a store store! One of the things that stops me is that I am too chicken to order fabric online from The US ... I am Canadian.... one day I must be brave!

  4. WooHoo! Made it through Week 2 too!!! Have not been near my LQS and even though Ruby Star Rising and Viva La France were calling from the internet - I resisted! And even though the Aussie dollar is SO competitive and US fabric prices SO low (one third what we pay in Oz!) I have held strong - but I don't know for how much longer! I am going on a short holiday this week so hopefully there won't be any temptation there!


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