Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Little Gifts

Honestly I've been having a pretty rough past few days...on Friday I almost did some therapy fabric shopping and trust me it would have been completely justified. But I somehow managed to step away from the fabulously wonderful things I had found on the internet.

And then yesterday I was surprised with a few little gifts of fabric! Just the thing to lift a heavy soul. My friend Kaelin, of theplaidscottie (blog in my sidebar), came over to cheer me up and brought me some fat quarters of a new line she had ordered, Hideaway. So sweet and so generous!! What a blessing. Plus she happily entertained my daughter for a good 20 minutes...or Caitlyn entertained her. I'm not sure. It was pretty mutual. LOL.

Then later I received an unexpected email from sew, mama, sew telling me that I had won a $15 gift certificate from my submission about my predictions for 2011. I posted about that days ago and had completely forgotten that there was even an opportunity to win something. So it was a complete shock and a much desired one. I promptly spent the next 1/2 hour scouring their site for what I wanted to buy. I haven't bought it yet, but I'm strongly leaning towards an Echino print on there and blow all the money on one glorious yard. I don't usually buy fabric that expensive per yard and it feels like a major indulgence. But I think I'm going to take advantage of the fact that it is not my money and just buy what my heart desires instead of "wisely" buying things on sale or other lines that interest me which are less expensive.

I feel quite rewarded for my ability to restrain from fabric this week. LOL.

On another note, if you have not yet checked out my auctions for the Queensland Flood Relief, please do so! I know many of you are quilters yourself and could easily make these items, but perhaps you have a friend who would be interested in both purchasing something fun and donating to a great cause at the same time.

I also officially give anyone a pass on fabric spending this week if you are bidding on any of the fabric that is being auctioned for this cause! There are times for a diet and there are times to think about much more important things and help those in need. So buy all those luscious fabrics that so many generous people are donating and know that while you may get some pleasure from it, someone else's life will be better because of it.


  1. I do hope that you get to feeling certainly have friends that care about you and a wonderful giveaway win. You auction is going nicely....great job on the quilt.

  2. I hope you feel better soon, Angela!

  3. Glad you have the little things you need to cheer you up!

  4. Friends (and winning giveaways) are the best! Go for the Echino!!!

  5. go ahead and indulge!
    its "free" fabric :)

  6. I say go for the Echino! I need to buy some someday when I have that kind of opportunity. Rest and feel better!

  7. What is on your design wall is awesome!!! Hope you get well soon.


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