Monday, January 31, 2011

a new week

Hey all,
I'm finally starting to feel a little better...Here's hoping all the drugs work and my docs can get it all figured out! So I'm sorry, but I didn't respond to anyone who checked in for week #4....I just did not have the energy! But I'm proud and/or jealous of you all! LOL.

Confession time: I bought some fabric yesterday. I know. Sigh. But... I bought it for a bee for a quilt that is already designed and planned and will be completed. I bought it from a store on Etsy that is going out of business (I'm not sharing who because I'm not enabling anyone else! lol) and I only bought one fabric: 4 yards of a bella solid that I got for $2.50 a yard!!! Plus I had a little money on the paypal account, so I really only spent about $6. Not too bad. I can't begin to tell you what I wanted to buy!! Trust me, I was a really good girl! And as further justification for my purchase, I've been wanting to examine and work with the bella solids for a long time now to compare them to the kona solids. So it's all in the name of research. ;)

Moving on! I have exciting news...there are a number of sponsored giveaways coming up in the next month or so...and we should have some pretty fun ones to end our fabric diet! I'm very jealous of you all actually. More on that to come, but stay tuned because you lucky ducks will be getting some chances at some very cool prizes!

As promised I did take pics and have a tutorial on my fabric folding ready to go. I don't have time to post it now, but I may get it up later in the day. And then you can all start organizing your stash like me. You know...because you want to be just like me! lol....NO you don't! But regardless, I'll be sharing that method soon.

I also have a number of swaps in the I'll talk about my methods with that as well.

Hmmm...I'm talking a lot about what I'm going to talk about and not about what I've done.

Well I did manage to finish my February blocks for Pretty in Pink (and it's still January)! Go me! Go me! Of course, it was quite helpful that Jackie chose a fairly simple concept of one traditional block and one wonky block. So I made a traditional log cabin (I'm not actually sure that I've ever done that crazy is that?!) and a wonky nine patch...which was very intriguing. It almost makes me want to play with a quilt of wonky nine patches. But that is very low on the totem pole. Here they are:

Pretty in Pink February Blocks for Jackie

And, just because we haven't had any gratuitous pics of little girl lately, I'll leave you with these two pictures. I think she looks like Gretal from Hansel and Gretal...just perfect for a fairy tale!

(this was how she chose to pose...I'm sticking with the story that she likes a classic Greek influenced posture and not that she just wanted to stick a toy on her head)

Caitlyn - 13 Months

Here she is looking ready for that fairy tale!

My sweet girl


  1. Hope you'll get well soon.
    Can't wait for the fabric giveaways ;-)

    I love the colors in your block & your baby looks so sweet :)

  2. I'm glad to hear you're doing a little better. I'm also psyched that you got such a good deal on those solids. That's totally a legit reason that trumps the fabric diet :).

  3. she is so sweet- love that dress!

  4. Angela, your little one is so cute!! I think she's doing "death by monkeys" in that first pic - from Toy Story 3! Maybe you should call her Evil Dr. Porkchop!

    Great deal on those solids, by the way! Let me know how you like them!


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