Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy Sewing

Happy Sewing.  That was our instructions and inspirations for February's Blocks for Kathy.  She sent us a gorgeous collection of fabrics (which I was hoping she would because she owns the lovely Pink Chalk Fabrics Store).

February fabric from Kathy for Busy Bees

So it didn't take me too long to decide what I should do for my block. When I think Happy Sewing, I think about all the friends that I have made through the online world...finally finding fellow women and men who love the designers that I do. People who think quilting can be amazingly beautiful and not just for their grandmother. People who are all over the world!! And if it weren't for the occasional language oddities that we all have from our culture, I would't even know that the person couldn't live around the corner. In some ways, these friends understand me in a way that no one else can even begin to.

So I wanted to make a block that reflected those feelings. And I loved the idea of doing a block designed by one of my fellow quilters and one that had an international aspect to it. And so I ended up using a pattern from Lynne and creating a union jack block. I've always loved the blocks that other people make and wanted to give this one a try.

Unfortunately I cannot show you the entire block because part of the pattern is top secret... but don't worry. There will be a time when I can show it all to you and more. ;) But I did end up using almost every fabric that Kathy sent, you just won't see it in the block. The whole block is pretty cool, but even just the center is awesome.

Union Jack

Yet again, I did a block with many small pieces and was fairly labor intensive. But the finished product is definitely worth it. I feel more and more confident with my paper piecing skills and hope to branch out and design some blocks that are not geometric that need to be paper pieced. I love the crispness that paper piecing brings to quilting. But it is a bit more work usually.

I'm also working on a quilt design for the quilt along. I think that you'll like it. I'm doing a zig zag know...because I can't do anything that's already written. ;) But it will be fun to see another version of a zig zag quilt and I want to make it as user friendly as possible. So I have some construction issues to work out. It's perfect for a rainbow quilt, but like any zig zag would also look great with any other color scheme. So get your thinking caps on and start thinking about what fabrics you may want to use. And let me know if any of you would find it helpful to have a bundle put together for you for the quilt. I could do color combos or shades of a color that you don't have much in or put together the whole quilt. I have some harder to find fabrics in my stash that I can include, so that might make it a fun purchase. ;)


  1. Great block! Love how you have put the pins and spools together! Look forward to seeing the rest of it!

  2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT Angela!

  3. Oh, Angela, I love this block you did! And I can't wait to see your quilt along, I've been wanting to find an excuse to make a zigzag quilt!!

  4. I want to use my Little Folks Voile to make a rainbow zig zag! Make it bed sized, please!

  5. This is a great block, with great fabrics! I have been wanting to do the Union Jack block. It's very cool in these colors!

  6. oooooo...... I'm considering a Kona solids rainbow... maybe...

  7. Haha--gotta love those open-ended instructions. That's like a college application essay that says, "Tell us something interesting about yourself." You did a great job--what a fun reason to try something new!

  8. What a good idea for a block! :o) Love how it turned out!

  9. Love Lynne's U.jacks and your version is spectacular!

  10. Beautiful fabrics, can't wait to see the whole block!
    The zig zag quilt sounds very interesting!

  11. Oh wow, Angela, what a lovely post :-) Made me smile X


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