Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I didn't forget....

I remember that we had a giveaway last week.  Nope I didn't forget.  I just had to clear some things up first and get a little sewing done with my NOLA peeps Kaelin and Karen!  We spent the day together sewing away.  Of course I had the girlie to take care of, so that's my excuse for the fact that they were entirely too productive.  While I, yet again, was working on a bee block that has a ridiculous number of pieces and requires a great deal of work.  I was hoping to have it finished for you all, but I wasn't able to finish it.  It looks pretty fun so far though! ;)  Hopefully I can share that tomorrow.

But I know...you want to know who won.  So, without further ado...  It was lucky #101! Jessica, all the way from Australia!

Jessica said...101

I have joined your flickr group. I am seriously addicted to flickr!

Thanks for playing along everyone!  And don't worry...you know that I have more fun in store for you. ;)  That's not the last you've seen of those scrap packs...

Jessica, please contact me and let me know all your details so that I can send that on to Hawthorne Threads.


Happy Sewing Everyone!


Thank you for taking the time to comment! I appreciate every one that I receive.


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