Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fun Purchases

Well I had hoped to have the circle tutorial done for you all by now, but it's just taking a little longer than I expected.  Doesn't everything?  I uploaded 50! pictures today just for the tutorial...that's a lot of pictures folks.  So I'm trying to get rid of things I don't need.  But I feel like I need them all!  So then I'm trying to put together some mosaics to consolidate the post.  Even with that, I may still split it into two posts.  We'll see.  I like to have everything together.

So, since I can't share that, I wanted to share some very fun items that have joined my sewing room this past week.  First up are these fabulous zippered boxes covered in one of Sandi Henderson's Henna Garden prints.

Henna Garden Boxes

Now I have to give a huge shout out to sweet Amy/Swanky Seahorse from Flickr.  She posted that she had seen these at her local TJ Maxx.  So I took off the first moment that I could and drove all over the city to Both of our TJ Maxx stores AND a Marshalls.  But to no avail.  As usual, my local stores did not have the cool stuff. :(   But then, the sweetest offer ever!  Amy volunteered to purchase them for me from HER local store and ship them to me.  Such a doll!  She doesn't even "know" me!  And she had quite the experience at her post office getting these to me.  So I'm forever grateful and quite confident that I do NOT want to go to her post office. lol.

Then, since I really am trying to not purchase fabric because it is sooo out of control at my house, I happened upon a great deal on thread from  Have you all checked them out yet?  Watch out...I'm being an enabler!  They have fun deals on all things sewing and this thread deal was too good to pass up.  This box is normally sold for $80!  Trust me, I checked!  (although you can find a decent price on if anyone is interested) Plus, how pretty are they?!

Lovely thread

I've had some people ask about them, so I will tell you that they are from a company called Melrose Threads I believe.  They are 100% polyester and have 600! yards per spool.  They are marketed towards embroidery machines, but I love this type of thread for machine quilting.  It adds such a pretty sheen to the quilt.

New Threads



  1. Boxes are very beautiful, sewing - this is my dream!

  2. Bright & cheery boxes of thread! Lovely :)

  3. Yes, you are an enabler but so am I! Just ask my friends...

  4. A box of thread that beautiful beats chocolates any day! Gorgeous!

  5. LOL ... fabric diet ? tick!

    You, young lady, need to go on a thread diet ... immediately! I can see where this is going ... but thank you for enabling us in the meantime, they are v v yummy!

  6. Love the boxes and the thread. I love pretty thread. I like to sit at my sewing machine & just look at it!


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