Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Pal Penny! All Mixed Up and on a Retreat!

My friend Penny, rather famously known as sewtakeahike on Flickr and her blog (don't you just love that name?!) is enormously talented. Yup. She is.

Penny is in my bee, Busy Bees, and has made some killer blocks!

Lucky Tacha got this fabulous block.

Tacha's block

and Penny gave her this one too as a little something extra...Tacha has a robot screen printed fabric that she makes...


She recently made these spools and scissors for Kathy for our Joy of Sewing challenge. So cute!

Happy Sewing for Kathy (pinkchalk)

Here's her All Mixed Up quilt top based off of the Curlicue pattern by Chasing Cottons. Gorgeous!

all mixed up quilt top

She's also a part of the fabulous Bee Ringo Pie. I'm completely jealous that I am not part of this bee because they all make the MOST fabulous blocks for each other. Now THAT is the kind of bee you want to be part of! lol. But it's okay, I'm in plenty of bees of my own...

Look at this delicious log roll cake she made for Anna during a desert theme. See...she's crazy talented at paper piecing!

Anna's dessert block

Most recently, the theme for her own month in the bee is "All things Kitcheny". She made this wonderful mixer block for herself. And it almost makes me want to bake. ;)

Kitchen Aid

I keep jokingly asking her when she is going to teach me all that she knows. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that she actually is going to be teaching people what she knows! Oh how I would love to be there!! It won't work for me unfortunately, but I thought that maybe there were some of you who could make it to her weekend retreat. You'd be in for a treat. Where is it, you ask? When is it, you ask? Well I'm so glad that you asked because I have all the information for you. ;)

When: The evening of Friday, April 15 through the afternoon of Sunday April 17
What: We will have workshops focusing on improvisational and paper pieced blocks including basic block design and construction as well as a workshop on advanced block design.

1734 W Mountain Avenue
Fort Collins, Colorado 80521
PHONE: 970.672.4725 • Toll Free: 866.870.3246

Someone please go and support Penny and make us all envious of the wonderful things she teaches you! I know if will be a great time!


  1. Oh I LOVE that hexie block that is just amazing!!

  2. Hey Angela, little did you know I named that quilt after a recurring theme in my life, lol!
    Thanks so much for the shout out, I really wish you (and Lynne!) could be there. One day we'll all three be in the same place at the same time, I'm sure of it!!

  3. That does look like alot of fun...

  4. How fun! Thanks for sharing your great inspiring pics!

  5. Oh man! That is in my home town! If only I still lived at home.....


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