Tuesday, May 10, 2011

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Cristin said...27

Angela, good luck moving so far away! Thats crazy!
Our house is on the market and we had our fist showing today... but we're just hoping to buy a bigger home in the same area, I cannot imagine moving 1000 miles away!

So I've moved once, 6.5 years ago... my tip is this: when you're taking the beds apart (or anything that will have loose hardware (curtains rods too, right?) put all the loose hardware into a ziplock baggie and tape it to the item it belongs to. My family thought I was crazy organized when we moved just because I did that. Nothing like trying to setup your bed (or crib) at your new house, its late, PAST bedtime... and you can't find the screws for it! It will save you some time, I hope! Good luck again, and thanks for the giveaway too - its a lovely set of fabric to be sure.

Yay Cristin!  Thank you for the wonderful tip as well.  That sounds exactly like how we are packing. ;)  Except that we're probably adding bubble wrap to it all as well!  Nothing is going to get scratched this time around.  Regardless, I hope that you enjoy the fabric!

And thank you to everyone for all of your lovely tips on packing and traveling with a little one.  I'm definitely going to be getting some of those wardrobe boxes.  I didn't realize that those exist!  So thank you to all who mentioned those.  And oh how I wish we had movers and packers and endless supplies of hard labor and money.  But alas, we're doing the work and packing every box.  It's good because we like to have control, but bad because we're exhausted and have waves of being overwhelmed.  But I think that we're finally done with purging (and trust me, we are excellent purgers! except for fabric) and now we are wrapping and packing.  We have just under three weeks and we're tackling a new task every day.

I'll try to post some pics tomorrow of the projects that I have been working on.  Because yes, I'm still quilting and sewing away! Because yes, I'm still crazy. ;)


  1. Well, that's a little strange...

  2. sorry! lol. I'm fixing it right now!

  3. just keeping the suspense.... tada tada...tada

  4. I can't even imagine packing my fabric for moving!

  5. I forgot to tell you the MOST IMPORTANT moving tip....
    1. Keep a set of bedding for each bed separate from all the other packed stuff. Carry it with you.
    2. As soon as the beds are off the truck & in the house - MAKE THE BEDS!!
    3. Set up a radio as soon as you can too. It will make the unpacking go easier.

    Trust me on this! Make those beds first thing, and then when you're too pooped to pop, you can just plop into bed & go to sleep!

  6. How my 18 month old did on a 3 week 6000+ mile road trip:

    After your question I decided to do a post.


  7. @quiltzyx- My mother in law has moved many times and has given the same advice about the beds!


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