Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A goodie bag for my good girl!

I recently showed you all the bag that I made for my secret partner in the goodie bag swap. Well as it turns out, my partner Caitlin also had me as her partner. That's pretty rare. ;) So I made a bag for her and she made a bag for me. Well, sort of for me. You see I requested a bag for my little girl Caitlyn. She's a girly girl and loves to carry a bag with her around the house. So Caitlin made a bag for Caitlyn!

Goodie Bag Swap - Received!

She was happily wearing some scraps on her head as well! She was pleased as punch with both her bag and her head gear. She's quite fascinated with the magnetic closure too.

Goodie Bag Swap - Received!

The darling bag is made from the Buttercup pattern and with Nicey Jane fabric. She's already filling it with sparkly beauties and treasures. This will definitely be loved by a little girl for years to come.

Goodie Bag Swap - Received!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Crib Sheet Tutorial

Bumper in crib 4

One of my favorite things I loved when setting up my daughter's nursery was making her crib sheets. Every day I see the special fabric that I picked out just for her and know that I worked to make her bed the way that it is. It's been a couple of years now, and we're in a different climate that is turning cooler by the minute, so a new sheet is in order. This time I decided to go with flannel, but these instructions work for any fabric. (although I've never tried it with knit and I hear that it stretches a little differently).

The sheet that I make has elastic around the entire perimeter and french seams in the corners for a polished finished sheet.


• 2 yards of 45" width cotton fabric - prewashed (tip: there is a little give in the length but not really in the width...you may even want to keep the selvage on for extra width)

• 2 yards of 1/4" elastic

• thread to match

*these instructions are for an average US crib size. If your mattress varies significantly, you will want to adjust your measurements accordingly.*

Fold fabric in half lengthwise and then crosswise. You should have one corner where all four edges are raw.

Flannel Sheet

Next, cut an 8" square from all four corners. With the fabric folded this way, you can cut all four layers at once. Measure in 8" from each side of the corner of all raw edges (no folds) and cut.

Flannel Sheet

Put aside your 8" square scraps for another project.

Flannel Sheet

Open the fabric and work with each corner separately. Take the two perpendicular cut edges at the corner and place them together, WRONG sides together. Pin in place.

Flannel Sheet

Sew a 1/4" seam.

Flannel Sheet

To create a finished french seam (we like things all pretty!), turn the corner seam inside out and press. Now the right sides of the fabric should be together.

Flannel Sheet

Sew a 1/2" seam.

Flannel Sheet

Admire your beautiful french seam!

Flannel Sheet

Now turn under the whole edge of the sheet a 1/4" and press. Then turn the edge again a 1/2" and pin in place. Stitch along the edge, leaving a small opening for your elastic.

Flannel Sheet

Insert the elastic through the casing and work it through the entire perimeter of the sheet. I'm not going to lie...this is the longest part of making this sheet. But I like having the continuous elastic around the sheet and having it concealed in the casing. So, I sit myself down in front of the tv and watch a show while I work that elastic through the casing. Then stitch together the elastic by overlapping the edges and sewing around edge.

Flannel Sheet

Stitch your opening closed and evenly distribute the elastic around the sheet. When you are happy with how the elastic is spaced, stitch a small stay stitch in each corner to help hold the elastic in place and prevent it from twisting.

Flannel sheet

Put the sheet on your crib mattress and admire your handi work! A custom crib sheet in your favorite fabric.

Flannel Sheet

One of the original sheets from two years ago!  The bumper looked a little better two years ago. lol

Bumper in crib 5

I'd love to see any sheets you make or any suggestions you all have!  Please add any pictures to my group on Flickr, Cut to Pieces.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Some more Christmas Sewing

I am as usual going a bit over board on my projects for my latest swap.  This swap is the savvy season swap on flickr and I love having a focus like the Holidays but the freedom to make whatever I want.   So far I've made the apron and given you all a show of a number of blocks that are going into another large project.  Here's a sneak peak at where those blocks are now.

Savvy Seasons Swap - Sneak Peak

I still have a lot more work to do on it, but I'm pretty happy with how it is looking.  I'll do more reveals as I make some more progress.  And I always like to add in a little something if I can to a swap.  So I made a couple of fabric ornaments from the rest of my Kate Spain 12 days of Christmas panel.

Christmas Ornaments

The center of each ornament is from the panel and then each side is finished off in a scrappy log cabin style.  A little ribbon and stuffing, and these ornaments are ready for a special tree!  They were definitely fun to make.

Christmas Ornaments

I've also made a flannel crib sheet for my little gal...it's getting colder and she doesn't really use a blanket or anything yet.  So flannel is popping out everywhere around here.  I've worked out a tutorial for this sheet, so I'll post that soon.  Unfortunately I'm not feeling too well right now and I need a little more energy before I type all of that up.  But keep your eyes on a look out for the crib sheet.  I love having home made sheets on my baby's bed!

I've also started an Oliver and S skirt pattern for the girlie and I've got all the pieces cut out.  I need to do the markings, but then I can get to the sewing...and that should go pretty quickly.  I hope to give that to her for her birthday!  Along with a fabric doll house and a tulle dress up skirt.  So that's all on my future radar.  Tis the season for lots of sewing!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving and a giveaway winner!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of those in the US! I hope you enjoy good times with family and friends and lots of yummy food. My little gal is a huge fan of "cookie" right now from Sesame Street, so when I saw this cartoon I had to share. ;)

I'm happy to announce that our lucky winner of the Fat Quarter Bundle from Fabric Worm is Jo!

Congrats Jo! And I've already got my goodie bag swap partner making my little gal a purse of her own, so thanks for that suggestion.

Thank you everyone for your gift suggestions. There were some very intriguing ones, some that she already has, and some that we were already planning. But it's good to know that we're all on track. I really just want to get her a swing set, but that will have to wait until we have bought a house...plus it will be getting too cold soon.

I'll keep you all updated as I work on all the projects that I have planned for her.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Goodie Bag Swap 2 - Complete!

I'm a sewing maniac over here lately...just ask my husband. ;) And my sewing machine! (Poor thing...I've finally given it a little love and attention and cleaned and oiled it!)

My dear friend Kaelin and I run the Goodie Bag Swap over at Flickr. This is our second round and this time I put myself in the intermediate category instead of the beginner. Oh dear. I've sewn all kinds of things in my lifetime...I've been sewing for as long as I can remember. But bags are just a little out of my comfort zone I guess. I can do them, but I really have to push myself.

Goodie Bag Swap 2 - Finished!

I'm not at the point where I am super comfortable designing my own patterns or even modifying a pattern very much, so it took me a while to figure out what I wanted to make for my partner. I searched a bunch of bag patterns out there and finally found one from Valori Wells called the Mina Bag. I haven't really seen this one made before, so I was intrigued right there. You know...because I could do it the hard way. ;) With no help.

I like the simple shape but little details like the pleats and the hardware. Their chosen color combo is kind of hurting their sales of the pattern I think though. There aren't too many people out there with a blue bag in this shade. And I LOVE blue. lol. Plus there wasn't any doubt that my partner would prefer colors a little more subtle.

Goodie Bag Swap 2 - Finished!

That gusseted side was of course trickier than I wanted it to be...this is why I don't make box pillow cushions very often. But I prevailed and it all worked out. The bag is fully lined with Katie Jump Rope dots and has one small pocket. I definitely think that a clever person could add some nice details to make the interior more functional. There's plenty of room in there!

Goodie Bag Swap - Sneak Peak

I wasn't quite finished here yet!

I didn't use any extra interfacing, which I could have for a sturdier bag. But I wanted to experiment with the fabrics I had. I always use fusible fleece in bags lately and it can be bulky. So I wanted to see how this did without it. Frankly I thought it did fine. I might add a covered hard plastic or cardboard to the bottom of the bag interior for some extra shape, but it's certainly sturdy enough with out it.

Goodie Bag Swap 2 - Finished!

One thing I did discover is that my sewing machine actually sews the multiple layers better with a regular foot rather than my walking foot. I thought I was being all clever by using my walking to foot to sew the bulky parts of the bag. But my machine just "walked" right over them! It was crazy. I had to put the bag aside for a couple of days before I tackled it again. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that my machine had no problems when I used a regular foot. Go figure.

But it really all came together for me when I added the very last details of the button and the fabric flower. The button is part of my little stash of buttons I've acquired from saving all those extra buttons that garments often come with. The fabric flower was made from voile scraps and based on the tutorial here.

Goodie Bag Swap 2 - Finished!

In fact, the only thing that I bought for this bag was the hardware and I spent about $3 on that! Woohoo! Another stash buster project. And a little shout out to Jennifer and Elena for the Oslo fabric used in the main body of the bag.

This is one swap where I know that partner already loves the bag and she doesn't know it is for her. ;) Fun!

Oh and I meant to do this earlier, but at least I remembered!  I'm linking this to Rachel's Celebrate Color.

Celebrate Color

Sunday, November 20, 2011

12 Days of Christmas

No, I'm not going to sing the song for you...although I do a mean Miss Piggie version of "5 Golden Rings! Ba dum dum dum!". I've been working on another project for the the Savvy Seasons Swap over at Flickr. I also made the Christmas Apron for my partner and now I've pulled out another Christmas fabric that I had from last year and am working with it. At our first quilting retreat, Cherie generously shared a bunch of Kate Spain's 12 days of Christmas fabrics with us and I can't remember who I had to fight off...whether it was Karen or Mandi, but I was determined to get the panel from the line. I'm not quite sure why either. I must have REALLY been in the Christmas mood. lol

The panel is darling but I didn't have a plan for it...but I do now. ;) I'll share the final product idea when I'm further along, but so far I've cut up the panel and have turned each block into a scrappy wonky star with the panel piece in the center. So that gives me 12 blocks. And I happily have reached into my scraps for the whole thing!! Woohoo!

A Partridge in a Pear Tree

A Partridge in a Pear Tree

Two Turtle Doves

Savvy Seasons Swap - 12 Days of Christmas

Three French Hens

Savvy Seasons Swap - 12 Days of Christmas

Four Calling Birds

Savvy Seasons Swap - 12 Days of Christmas

Five Golden Rings

Savvy Seasons Swap - 12 Days of Christmas

Six Geese a Laying

Savvy Seasons Swap - 12 Days of Christmas

Seven Swans a Swimming

Savvy Seasons Swap - 12 Days of Christmas

Eight Maids a Milking

Savvy Seasons Swap - 12 Days of Christmas

Nine Ladies Dancing

Savvy Seasons Swap - 12 Days of Christmas

Ten Lords a Leaping

Savvy Seasons Swap - 12 Days of Christmas

Eleven Pipers piping

Savvy Seasons Swap - 12 Days of Christmas

Twelve Drummers Drumming

Savvy Seasons Swap - 12 Days of Christmas

Phew! That was a lot of work! Enjoyable and relaxing...but even wonky quilting I do precisely. ;) I'm just not a speedy quilter.

Do you have a favorite block? I change my mind all the time... I sort of love how the fabric in #9 looks like ruffles on a tutu for the dancing lady. And how the AH fabric in #11 has a mod sound feel to it for the piping. But they're all fun to me!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Welcome to our Newest Sponsor - Fabricworm!

*the giveaway is now closed*

I'm super excited to share with you the latest sponsor over here at Cut to Pieces, Fabricworm!

I doubt I'm sharing a new store with any of you...Fabricworm is widely known for their custom fabric bundles especially! Gloriously beautiful combinations of fabrics from DIFFERENT designers. What a concept. ;)

I adore this orange and blue combo, sweetly named Deep Sea Fun!

They also have the latest and hottest fabrics, like Dear Stella, Lotta Jansdotter, Annette Tatum and so many more!

I "need" this bundle!  Well at least that gorgeous yellow flower print!

And don't even get me started on the Japanese Fabrics and the Collection of Patterns!

I love the subtlety of some Japanese designers...any dog lovers out there?  I really think men would respond to something laid back like this print.  In a vacation style loose button down?!  Oh I'm getting myself ready to start a new project.  lol  (No more for me!)

Collete Patterns anyone?

And a weekly giveaway on the website?!  Check out the Dear Stella one going on now!

One thing that is worth noting is that Fabricworm prices by the HALF yard...so make sure you don't get confused when looking at the prices... it's a little different that pricing some other places.

But you know the deal!  There is of course, a fabulous giveaway HERE too!  Cynthia has offered a set of fat quarters from uber adorable line Storyboek.  She's giving away the girl collection (there's a boy collection too which I also adore!).  I was so excited when she picked this line because I'm completely in love with it.  It's right up my ally.  

So to enter the giveaway here please leave a separate comment for each of the following options:

1.  Run over and check out Fabricworm...you know, on the off chance that you don't already shop there!  Check out the fabulous things Cynthia has to offer and come back and share something you love.  (Warning: it's easy to spend hours there!)

2.  Let me know that you are following Cut to Pieces...we  have some more give aways coming up and you won't want to miss out!  Plus...you know...me.  I'm super entertaining. ;)

3.  Totally random, but my little gal is turning 2 in a few weeks and I'd love to know any suggestions for gift ideas for her.  With her birthday and Christmas so close together, this is when people want to know what they should get her.  Any and all suggestions are valid...even if you suggest an elephant or Noah's ark.  We'll work on it. :)


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