Friday, February 17, 2012

Fabric Friday

Hmmm...I like the sound of this post title. Maybe I'll have to make this a regular thing....Fabric Fridays! I haven't posted much fabric that I have lately mainly because I get a little embarrassed at the amount that I have and I don't want anyone else to think that they need to "collect" fabric the way that I do. I swear, I'm really working hard to use it up too! But oh how it calls to me.

This is a little grouping of fabric that has three fabrics that have been especially chatty at me lately. (remember my fabric talks to me...even before it's mine! " me! buy me!" How can you resist?)

Three Delicious fabrics I've recently indulged in

The Lotta Jansdotter print on the bottom has been out for oh about 6 months now I think...maybe more maybe less. But I've resisted and resisted. No more! I finally figured out an excuse to buy it: New Curtains for our Dining room in our new house! Nope. Doesn't matter that we are still at LEAST a month away from moving in and even then curtains in the dining room will be low priority. ;)

The middle blue text print is a newer fabric from Japanese Designer Suzuko Koseki. It comes in about 5 or 6 colors I think. But blue, text, and japanese?! I Swoon! (nope...not making a swoon block with it...I just literally get a little faint at the sight of it)

The top print is one of those luscious fabrics from the Michael Miller, Put a lid on it collection, that inspired my new found love of Cathrineholm Enamel ware. The grey is a fabulous color (oh and I also got the colored navy blue version!). In fact, it's so pretty that even my husband said he liked it. Although he doesn't love the Lotta print, so take his opinion with a grain of salt. ;)

Playing with Cosmic Burst Today!

And then I have the fun of working with a charm pack of Mark Cesarik's newest line, Cosmic Burst. It ships out in April and I'm think I'm stuck until then because I definitely need more than my 24 little pieces of fabric to play with. Teehee! This line is literally bursting with color. And I tried to separate out the colors and think about using them individually, but ultimately I just loved how they looked all jumbled up together. A true cacophony of color.

Okay...enough ramblings on my fabric for today. Tune in tomorrow for my day in Jennifer's Mini Quilt Blog Hop. I'm going to share my latest finished mini quilt of the day dreaming girl.


  1. OMG, that selection is screaming at me, and to be used together too! I wish I could shop where I could see things like this together (it's so much harder to mix and match when you can only see things online and separated out!)

  2. I'm with you, I have too much fabric. I periodically put myself on a fabric diet, so I won't have to buy a bigger house. I once met a woman who said she bought fabric everyday, and keeps it in a storage unit! After talking to her, I didn't feel so bad.

  3. I got some of that Cosmic burst too -isn't it fun? I love the vibrancy of the colors. Looking forward to seeing what you've made tomorrow Angela! :)

  4. I'm so happy you like Cosmic Burst!

  5. My fabric is chatty too...sometimes quite noisy and persistent !

  6. loving the fabrics ... I have given up resisting!! When ever I say... NOT buying fabric.... I end up buying MORE!! So I am trying the ... buy what you want diet!! x


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