Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sew Mama Sew - Fat Quarter Idol - Round 1

I don't know if you all follow the Sew Mama Sew blog...it's hard to keep up with everyone! But they have a new challenge going on called The Fat Quarter Idol. And in the spirit of many competitions these days, they are having you choose from their fabrics and put together a "collection" based on a particular theme. And then you make a pinterest board for your choices.

Each round, a new winner is chosen from popular vote after the judges have pulled a top 10 from the entries. Their collection will be sold in the Sew Mama Sew shop as a bundle and the designer is given a fat quarter bundle of their winning design.

Well this was a no brainer to play along for me because they are using two of my favorite past times...looking at fabric and playing on pinterest. So I pulled together my fabrics based off of Round 1's theme, Sweet Child of Mine. And I think because I have a little girl, I wanted to make a collection more for little boys....or at least boy friendly.

You can see my collection HERE.

And to my shock, a friend just pointed out that I made the top ten...and public voting is open. So head on over and vote. Please don't feel the need to vote for me! This is all good fun and I love playing with fabric. ;)

Oh and I believe Round 2 has just begun...so you guys should have some fun and put together a pinterest collection for that. Maybe next week I'll get to vote for one of YOU!


  1. Congrats, so fun for you!!! I want to participate but somehow my 3 year old got on the computer and froze my pinterest account. I keep trying to get them to unlock it but to no avail. Le Sigh :)

  2. Your collection is beautiful!! congrats on making the top ten!

  3. Just went and voted. I really like your selection. When I read the theme (and wanted to participate then ran out of time! typical!!) I thought Gun's and Roses rather than sweet pink so I am most drawn to your selection. Great combo!

  4. Lovely choices! I went and chose my top 3, and yours was one of the 3!! I really like the combination of fabric that you chose.. Good luck.

  5. Um, you should never be shocked, Angela! Send some of your creativity over my way. You are way too over-endowed!

  6. Cool! I can never seem to get my head round these comps, I think I must overthink them!

  7. congrats on the top ten! i could not even figure out how to pin- every time i put in the http address in the pin it box it said no large images were found. how do they not have the pin it buttons on their site for this contest?


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