Saturday, May 26, 2012

Heart to Heart Giveaway Winner!

Goodness!  Thank you all so much for your advice and/or horror stories about potty training.  It definitely helped add a little humor to my week and gave me some things to think about.  I think we're officially putting the training on hold for a bit over here, but you all helped me feel more confident in that decision!  So thank you!

And we have some winners for the Moda Scrap Bundles from Heart to Heart Fabrics.

My son made it easy in some ways, he self trained on the lawn during summer; the main problem was redirecting him to depositing his logs in the toilet rather than leaving bombs on the lawn!

lol!  What a delightful tidbit. ;)

and to say this. I have 4 kids, three teenager boys & an 11 yr old daughter. This worked for us, tried a few other options first. Anyway have your child help clean up the mess. That includes taking them to the wash tub in the dirtie undies, and have your child help take off the old, and then they wash them in a bucket. Especially this works for BM. Only have to do this one or two times...they catch on quick this way. My kids turned out great! :)

with another delightful piece of advice.  ;)

Congrats ladies!  And thanks for sharing your stories!

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  1. My granddaughter decided that she wanted to wear the outfit that was her change of clothes at the daycare. She had an accident and told the teacher that she wanted to wear her koala shirt, the teacher outsmarted her and put her in a different outfit. She pottied that one and when asked why she had 2 accidents in one day she answered that she wanted to wear her koala shirt. The teacher asked that they put clothes she doesn't like in her change of clothes bag.


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