Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Pillow in the Making

The lovely Laura Gunn recently sent me a charm pack of her soon to be released line Cosmos. I'll admit that coming up with an idea for the fabric had me stumped for a bit. Laura has a beautiful water color style to her fabrics but most of these are done with a large scale print. So working with a 5" x 5" piece of each print had me thinking.

Cosmos Fabric

I wanted to do something that showed off the organic nature of her designs and also the intense colors in the prints. I foolishly miscalculated on my first attempt at a plan ( a + pillow design) and realized that I would need more fabric than I had...which I couldn't get. So I scrapped that idea...tried out a few more... and then finally realized that I should do a raw edge applique pillow. Why? Who knows why. The fabric spoke and I listened.

Then it didn't take at all long to realize that I what I wanted to make had been done well by others already and I followed their lead. (AKA I copied their ideas! lol) So my pillow in progress is COMPLETELY inspired by Jolene's and Brioni's pillows. And here is mine.

Cosmos Pillow and hand embroidery

I did varying degrees of zig zag stitching around the petals that I just hand cut to have a similar shape to the other ladies' pillows. I used some steam - a - seam lite to hold those petals in place while sewed them all on. And I used the fabrics that had the most saturation in color because I really wanted them pop off the fabulous neutral texty background. A little hand back stitch gives it final touch.

Cosmos Pillow

Obviously I'm not done...this is just the pillow front. But I'll throw the rest of it together pretty quickly I hope and soon have a new pillow for one of the guest beds! A big thanks to Laura for letting me play with her pretty fabrics. I love this kind of challenge!


  1. Lovely pillow... and fabric! I adore the blue fabric with red flowers/black stems.

  2. Love the whole high/low value aspect of this, it's fab!

  3. Looks great! I love the look of those brights on the light background fabrics. Such a cute pattern - I'll have to remember this one.

  4. I LOVE THIS! Thanks for sending me the link. Made my day.

  5. Oh my I am SO excited! I didn't know she had new fabrics coming out, and there is a poppy fabric, oh my, now maybe I can stand to cut up the poppy fabric I have been hoarding :)

  6. Lots of red and aqua always makes me happy, love your work.

  7. So stunning! Love those fabrics with the low volume background.

  8. This is going to be beautiful!

    homemakerhoney @gmail .com

  9. this is fabulous and shows the fabrics off perfectly

  10. This is so pretty! I love the little details... sometimes you don't need to reinvent the wheel!


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