Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mini Scrap Destash - all gone! Thanks!

Hey all!  I was destashing some scraps earlier today on Instagram and I have a couple left.  I thought I'd see if any of you wanted them.  I'm doing US only unless you really twist my arm.

I have two packages of scraps.  They are selling for $10 each plus shipping...around $5.  If you are interested just leave a message with your email and I'll contact you.

Aqua Scrap Pack taken!
For destash $10 + FRE shipping - aqua scraps. US only. Leave your email

Dark Neutral Scrap Packtaken!
For destash $10 + FRE shipping - dark and nuetral scraps. US only. Leave your email



  1. I am interested in the aqua pack! My email is Thanks!

  2. I would love the dark neutral pack! beckygreene10 (at) gmail (dot) com. Love scraps!!!

  3. It's great how you were able to get rid of your scraps so quickly. A win win!


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